Agility Greyts

The following is a list of greyhounds that have been competing and earning AKC agility titles and who have accumulated at least 1 MACH point (points are awarded for seconds under standard course time), are close to earning MACH points, or deserve an honorable mention as of January 27, 2010. Scroll to the bottom and you will find an explanation of the agility titles noted after each greyhound’s name.


Explanation of Titles

and Classes Title Letters Runs Req'd
Novice Standard Agility NA 3
Novice JWW NAJ 3
Open Standard Agility OA 3
Open JWW OAJ 3
Excellent Standard Agility AX 3
Excellent JWW AXJ 3
Master Agility Excellent MX 10
MasterExcellent JWW MXJ 10

Master Agility Champion Title (MACH) requires 20 double qualifying scores and a minimum of 750 points. A double qualifying score is earned by running clean in both Excellent B Standard and Excellent B JWW in the same day. Points are awarded for each second under maximum course time. At this time, Katie and Travis are the only greyhounds to have earned a MACH and Travis is the only greyhound to have earned 2 MACHs.

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