"Never A Doubt CD MX AXJ " aka Riley

Riley is 5 years old and I adopted her September 2008. After adopting 3 fawn greyhounds in a row, I was thrilled to finally have a brindle! I named her "Never A Doubt" because her last race was the same night that Travis passed away and several misunderstandings brought her straight to me. After grading off, she was labeled as cat safe by accident which ensures a ticket to an adoption group as soon as possible. Riley was sent immediately to Southeastern Greyhound Adoption. I do not look at cat safe greyhounds since I do not have a cat and I love high prey drives. When Riley was tested again, she failed the cat test terribly and appeared on my radar. So I feel that in some sort of way, Riley was sent to me.

Riley is a wild child with lots of personality and is cute as a button. People are drawn to her. She used to be easily excited and very impulsive. Riley was quite the challenge, but she as improved in leaps and bounds and is a dream to work with now.

Riley began competing in agility in March 2010. She won all four Novice classes her weekend debut. It has taken me awhile to get used to how far away Riley works from me, but we have had a lot of fun in the process. She is now competing at the Excellent level and has earned her first MACH points.

Riley earned her Companion Dog obedience title in her first three attempts at three different locations with scores of 194.5, 195.5, and 195.5 out of 200. She is now training for Open level.

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