"Teresa CD AX AXJ" aka Teresa

(1994? – 11/17/2006)

Teresa CD AX AXJ aka TeresaTeresa jumpingTeresa never raced and was rescued with a broken leg at 4 months of age. She was placed by Atlanta – Adopt a Greyhound when she was a year old, but was returned about 3 years later (something about the "kids going to college"). Then we adopted her.

Teresa was a funny greyhound. Black with a white star on her chest, she maintained her youthful look and only developed a little bit of white hair on her face in the later years. That's very unusual for a black greyhound. She also had a broken tail. The last quarter of it could bend in directions a greyhound tail just shouldn’t bend. She did not come that way, but we never were able to surmise what happened. She was high strung and restless much of the time and had a terrible case of storm phobia. She was usually unsatisfied and always wanting something else. For a boney dog, she was very sweet and cuddlely. She was an excellent spooner and would curl up right next to you. She loved people and exploring new places. She did not play with toys, but loved to retrieve a plastic dumbbell........... but only a few times.

Teresa earned her AKC Companion Dog title in obedience and her Excellent Standard and Jumpers titles in agility. Like Jessie, I think of Teresa as my other screw-up-dog. She also endured my mistakes and taught me a lot about training. We had some incrediable successes, but she could humble and torture me like no other. She was very fun to run and really enjoyed the crowd watching and cheering for her. Once in awhile, she would get a case of the zoomies and run an extra lap around the agility ring before quickly returning to me to finish the course. Even though she has passed away, she still graces the Greyhound Top Ten List for lifetime achievement in agility.

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