"MACH2 Never Expected CDX JJ " aka Travis

(06/08/1998 - 07/26/2008)

MACH Never Expected CDX aka TravisTravis passed away at 10 years young. What a fast, wild ride it was. Travis is the infamous Jigmo from the Monticello 21 group rescued from Jefferson County Kennel Club Track in November 2001. Pam Davis asked me to foster this special dog and warned me that he might not be adoptable. He was a handful and had the highest prey drive we had ever seen. Not only was Travis not safe with small animals, but he also was not safe around any dog that did not resemble a Greyhound, regardless of the size and weight of the other dog. After months of keeping him as a foster dog and training, he had improved significantly, but had to be managed carefully in public. Being that I am a sucker for a challenge (and didn't know what else to do with him), I finally gave in and adopted him... and I am glad that I did.

Travis is an excellent retriever on both land and in the waterOriginally, I planned to just do obedience since that activity is more controlled than agility. I never believed I would have him safely running unleashed at an agility trial. At one point I gave up on the idea of doing anything with him. He had not made any more progress in controlling his prey drive around other dogs. But eventually, it melted away and he became an absolute gentleman for the rest of his life.

Travis was flashy and beautiful. He never tired and was game for anything at anytime. He was also an excellent retriever on both land and in the water. Travis is the second out of two greyhounds (Katie is the other one) to have earned an AKC Master Agility Championship title and is the first greyhound to earn two. In March 2007, Travis placed 11th at the AKC Agility Nationals out of 129 of the country's best agility dogs in the 24" division. He also won the high score Hound Group prize of $200. In April 2007, Travis earned his Dock Dogs Junior Jumper Title. I believe he is the only purebred greyhound to do so. Travis ended his career with 44 double qualifying scores and 2,868 MACH points. He was the #1 greyhound in AKC agility in years 2005, 2006, 2007, and most likely 2008. He is the #1 greyhound for overall for lifetime achievement in AKC agility. Travis set a bar that will be hard to reach. Although not his favorite, Travis happily earned his Companion Dog Excellent title in AKC obedience.

Most of all, I want to remember Travis for his half of our agility partnership. He was smooth, fast, and responsive. He was athletic, focused, and he could turn on a dime. He was a most wonderful agility partner.

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