A paint and sip Gold Coast party is a great choice if you want to have the most fun and excitement possible. It is likely that if you live within the city limits of Gold Coast and have never visited a paint and sip studio or attended a paint and sip party, you are missing out on something wonderful. For more information about Paint and Sip in Gold Coast, please visit https://www.pinotandpicasso.com.au/goldcoast/

What comes to mind when someone introduces the notion of a paint and sip Gold Coast event in your presence is, of course, that it will be entertaining. Yes. I’d always had the same frame of mind until I learned more about the multifunctional event and changed my viewpoint.

Mermaid Beach Paint and sip Gold Coast nights bring together all of our favorite things: friends, drinks, and great art. There is something really soothing about conversing, becoming tipsy, and appearing occupied, simi lar to fishing. The only difference is that you’ll actually bring anything home.

Create your own rules, release your inner creative, and if you’re not sure you’re up for the task, reconsider since no experience is required.

Brush & Barrel

Surfers Paradise

You’re a sucker for buddy dates, aren’t you? Then painting a Picasso-inspired portrait of your bestie after half a bottle of red is just what you need. Rather than capturing the essence of a warm bowl of fruit, get ready for a Brush & Barrel quirk-off. These one-of-a-kind paint and sip Gold Coast classes take place in Surfers Paradise and feature a variety of fascinating themes. There is a class for everyone, whether you are a workday or weekend drinker-meets-creative. While splashing paint about and making stunning artworks, you’ll be led by your very own social creative tutor. Perhaps the woods, yoga sceneries, dream catchers, or, our personal favorite, painting your own pet are your inspirations. What could possibly go wrong with a delicious BYO wine in one hand and a paint brush in the other?

The Sweet Fine Artist Studio

Mermaid Beach

The Sweet Fine Artist Studio, located in a creative nook of Mermaid Beach, is the creation of artist Maree Quinn, who has over two decades of professional experience making, selling, and teaching art. And now she want to share her enthusiasm with others, such as us. The bright and airy room is furnished with repurposed furniture that Maree has painstakingly repaired, and hosts a variety of entertaining courses that are open to anybody, regardless of experience or creative ability. The Friday and Saturday paint and sip Gold Coast sessions are our favorites. Quinn will provide all necessary materials, including aprons, paint, paper, canvas, and protective eyewear. You need just to bring a drink and a few nibbles, which will help you to immerse yourself in the creative setting and uncover your inner Banksy. Even better, because the courses are small, you may reserve a whole session for you and your friends.

The Craft Parlour

Palm Beach

We have a special place in our hearts for The Craft Parlour, the Gold Coast’s original home of craft, which also hosts a very popular paint and sip Gold Coast night on the Gold Coast each month. The ideal night out with a creative twist; unwind and relax with a slew of other painters. Under the direction of Lee Murphy’s drop off laundry service, you’ll be in skilled hands as you piece together your entirely one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Alternatively, you could use a wine-splattered sheet of paper for additional effect—entirely it’s up to you. Avoid the bar queue by bringing your own beverage and all necessary art tools. Leave with your very own 40cmx50cm artwork to adorn your home and a grin on your face as you ride home in your Uber.


Various locations

Are you a beer drinker or do you like to paint surrounded by lush greenery? Regardless of your preferred setting, the legends at Artable have you covered, often bringing their ‘Unwind with Watercolor’ courses to locations such as The Borrowed Nursery and Burleigh Brewing Co. Experiment with your own sense of style, sip your preferred beverage, and unwind—you’ll be amazed at how calm you feel when you leave. With a lineup of outstanding performers, no experience is necessary; only positive vibes and a willingness to learn are required.

Dust Temple


Thirsty on a Thursday? We’re sure you are. Fortunately, Dust Temple is aware of the situation. This paint and sip Gold Coast event combines life sketching with live music and your favorite bottle of wine. When surrounded by like-minded creatives, drawing nude people is a lot more comfortable than you imagine, and Dust Temple’s courses are no exception. Bring your creative eye and favorite drop; for $25, everything else is provided. Individuals join in on the fun.

QT Gold Coast With Maree Quinn

Surfers Paradise

The funkiest hotel on the Gold Coast is teaming up with Maree Quinn of The Sweet Fine Artist to provide regular paint and sip Gold Coast painting workshops to its Surfers Paradise location. Instead of the traditional BYO wine format, the QT Gold Coast’s newest addition to Gold Coast painting courses encourages you to sip as you create. No expertise is required, and they will provide art tools and materials; all you need to bring are yourself, your friends, and your creative energies.

Life With Paint

Surfers Paradise

Spanning many evenings of the week, your weekly visit to the pub just got a whole lot more arty. Pub Events has some pretty stunning topics, and these Gold Coast paint and sip nights are a total blast. You’ll sit shoulder to shoulder, easel to easel, and glass to glass in relative comfort. Prepare to meet a slew of other nice kitties and perhaps reconnect over a parmy and a pot afterwards. The list continues on and on with starry evenings, cockatoos, seascapes, and glittering towns.

Final thoughts

The ability to create something of your own is the most satisfying experience. It will bolster your self-confidence and help to rejuvenate your creative powers. Having a go at a paint and sip Gold Coast studio where you get to create your own paint is something you should do more than once in your life.